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A woman of dignity
She risked her life to give me birth;
Strained her breath so i could have my first
She knew i needed a chance

All the pain she went through
All the scars i left on her soothened skin
She became my pride
She sat and watched my infant head

Made me feel safe while i slept in my craddle
She was my voice when i couldn’t speak
My eyes when i couldn’t see
She was the strength i needed to take my first step

She was there to lift me when i fell
She showed me a race only i could run
A destiny only I was to take
A legacy only i could make

She gave me her wings so i could fly
With her wings i soared over the sky
I lost my faith she restored it to me
With her i knew no star was out of my reach

Yes! I had her love i know i had it all
I am everything i am because she loved me
She is indeed a woman of dignity

She is MY MOTHER!!!

A terrific poem by: Ruby Osei-Bonsu

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God bless you.


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