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Love Builds…(Finale)

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‘Please sit down.’ Naana said. He sat on a chair by her bed she had pointed for him to occupy and quickly quizzed her on why she had invited him over.
Naana asked that John be patient with her. She told him she had failed to have her quiet time since she wasn’t feeling too good. She asked John to help her out with it. John didn’t understand her. How difficult could reading be? He was just about to blow away the request when a please with a smile met him. His guards were down. He asked for where her Bible was and moved to get it.

Naana’s plan was in action.

John 3: 16 onwards was the first point of call. John had heard this verse so many times right from his days he attended Sunday school. He read further on and when he was ended was not expectant of what followed.
Naana asked him to give an exposition on what he had read. He was limited with words and this made Naana giggle. ‘You will come to understand’, Naana said. They moved on to Galatians 5: 22-23 and to 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7 which spoke of the fruits of the spirit and the description of love respectively. John realized what Naana was doing and it made him laugh inside.
For the next couple of days, John was spending time at Naana’s place and their study of the Bible continued. John had found them interesting since he found things to debate about. Naana made it clear to him the fact that we have discussions on God’s word and never arguments or debates. He was learning but always wanted to punch holes. He had learnt about the forgiveness by Joseph after being betrayed by his own family, the unconditional love shown by Hosea although his wife had been unfaithful, the futility of being disobedient to God in Jonah and the repentance shown by the Ninevites and the wisdom books of Psalms and Proverbs. John’s favorite had been when they read Songs of Solomon.

Naana realized how shallow he could be. He wasn’t able to understand the book of Job though. How does God allow for a man He Himself deemed righteous to be stricken to that extent. Naana had tried her best to explain but he still wasn’t convinced.
Naana’s condition hadn’t improved. She had been given medication but failed to take it religiously. It was 2:00am on a Saturday when John’s phone had woken him up from sleep. His phone was vibrating and he struggled to clear his eyes to see the caller ID. He almost threw it aside till he saw the caller ID. John picked the call and said hello in a very hoarse voice. He heard sobbing on the other end of the line. ‘What’s wrong? Please tell me’, he said. The sobbing continued and he immediately sat up on his bed and cleared his throat. ‘John I’m in pain and Mabel is not here’, she finally answered. He got of his bed with great reluctance and told her he was headed there. He wished this was not the case since he was exhausted and needed his rest. He picked some money and descended the numerous stair flights.
He opened the door to find vomit on the floor and Naana lying half way on the bed with the upper part of her body hanging over the edge.

She was still sobbing.

Seeing her this way tore him apart. He ran to hold her in his arms and whispered to her that it was going to be fine. He stroke her hair to comfort her. His presence seemed to calm her down. Her tears were gradually receding and she began to calm down. He set her down on the bed gently and went to the balcony to get a bucket of water and a towel. He came in and cleaned her up. ‘Let me clean up this mess and get you to the clinic’ John said.

‘No. I feel better now. You are here’. Naana had said.

John cleaned up the mess created on the floor with a mob and later got her ready for the clinic though she was very reluctant.
Naana was on a drip, deep in sleep. John sat there by her side replaying the evening in his mind. He had cleaned up a mess that he hadn’t created with his hand. He had done the squeezing of the mob with his hand. He reckoned he wouldn’t have done this for anyone else. He began recounting their discussions. He smiled to himself cos he hadn’t even felt disgusted whiles doing it. He started understanding what love was. He felt joy within and it was different. Naana woke up just then and touched his hand. He looked in her direction and she whispered, ‘Thank you’. ‘No. Thank you’, he simply said. She closed her eyes again and slept peacefully. John realized he loved her and it was sincere.
Two weeks had gone by. Naana and John sat under a tree in front of Republic hall. She had recovered gradually after that evening and John was there through it all. He told her how he had begun to see things differently and how their relationship had built him up to be a better person. He had made a vow to be serious with his relationship with God. Naana saw the sincerity in his words and this made tears trickle down her cheeks. She saw her plan fulfilled, John was changed or at least changing. John wiped the tear away and said, ‘I have a confession. I love you so much. You taught me that but I want to be the best person I could be for you. I want to build my relationship with God first so he teaches me how to love, you and the rest of the world’. Naana’s eyes were leaking beyond control now. ‘So please wait for me’. He added. This made her smile, a beautiful smile which was followed by a nod of the head.

John smiled.

In this season where we profess to show love, let us be sure to show a love that builds and not one that destroys. Let the love of God be our definition and guide.

Secret Writer


i know you just breathed a sigh of relief at finishing this series. i loved it. i hope you did too. And i hope you understood what love truly is.

Be expecting more from ‘ThEiR wOrDs’ category.

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I love you all

Thank you Secret Writer-wink…lol


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