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Love Builds….(3)

love 1

John just stared at her as if to say ‘So why didn’t you give me that name then?’ Naana just laughed.
They got to her hostel where she asked for his phone. He quickly drew it out and handed it to her. ‘Call me so I save yours’. He quickly did that and turned on his data to make sure she was ‘whatsappable’ and yup she was.
The next couple of weeks were the best days in John’s life. He frequented midweeks cos that was another avenue to see her pretty face. They had really grown close. They shared a lot with each other and even continued their friendship when the vacation came. They would occasionally meet at public places to talk since Naana was not comfortable with meetings at home especially when no one else was around.
Early the next semester, after walking her to her room after midweek, John had moved in to give her a kiss. He felt the timing and mood was right. He opened his eyes after feeling a book on his face. Naana had stopped him with her Bible and just then two ladies from their fellowship passed by hiding smiles. John was feeling confused, annoyed and embarrassed. Was Naana playing with his feelings? He immediately turned round and started walking away. Naana tried stopping him but he wouldn’t be stopped. Naana liked him but she wasn’t compromising on her standards. She was a Christian and she didn’t want to do anything to ruin her standing with God.
Days passed and she hadn’t heard from John. She had called him several times but he hadn’t picked up. ‘He didn’t even show for midweek’, she thought to herself. She had sent a text to explain herself and apologize to him so she didn’t understand why he was being irrational.
Naana had fallen ill just a week after the incident. She wasn’t one to fall sick that easily, but the rift between her and John was eating her up and had made room for malaria parasites to play with her health. It was at its early stages so the usual high temperatures, ‘bashing’ headache and light shivering were present. Naana’s roommate a medical student had been able to diagnose the malaria but advised that she confirmed from the school clinic. Her roommate who was most of the time absent from the room due to the demanding nature of her course and knew she wouldn’t be able to tend to her.
‘Should I call your parents so they come for you?’ She quizzed. But Naana declined. It wasn’t necessary she had said, she would be fine.
Naana took her phone and went through her contact list.

‘Please call John for me.’ She requested of her roommate,

‘You know he is not picking my calls.’ She dialed John’s number and waited for a response.
‘Hello John! Mabel here.’ She explained Naana’s condition and handed the phone to her. Naana spoke to John and realized he was still upset. She spoke with tact so as to avoid him getting any angrier and pleaded that he come over. He hadn’t affirmed his coming over but she trusted he would. Naana ended the call and handed it over to her roommate who headed for the library.

An hour later there was a knock on the door. Naana was under a blanket whiles sleeping on the bed. She quickly sat up after the knock and called for the person to enter. He opened the door and saw her face. The smile that met him melted his heart. He was weak within but there was no way he was showing this outwardly.

‘You couldn’t call with your phone?’ Naana had just smiled. She knew trying to defend herself would not end well. John had an overinflated ego though he was shy.

Secret Writer

This is the third part of love builds. Expect the last part God willing next week. keep updated if you’re are lost by reading the preceding ones.

please remember to read, like, share, comment and learn.

God bless you.


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