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Love Builds..(2)

love 1

It was half way into the semester and he still hadn’t found her. John had used every trick in the book to try and see her again. He had gone through the social media platforms to find any Naana who attended KNUST and studied her course. He had gone through the friend lists of various people to try and identify her but to no avail. He had even tried manual tracking, spending hours wandering in front of her hall with the aim of just spotting her. He had even thought of attending lectures offered for her course with hope of seeing her but he had forgotten to ask her for her level (year). He thought it a futile prospect. John had lost hope of ever seeing her again. There were times he thought Naana was a ghost or had lied to him about even being in the University.
John was invited by a friend to attend a midweek service. John didn’t fellowship with any church but would do well to honor invitations made by friends. John had drawn from Church when he lost his dad during his fruiting years. This had made him draw away from people and be on his own. He usually drifted to deep thoughts. His mom hadn’t done anything to curb it cos she had been busy catering for four children and hadn’t noticed the change. John was now again trying to develop the social side of him and he felt invitations such as these would help.
John thought they had arrived too early since most of the front seats were not occupied and started scolding his friend. They entered and John moved for the last row of seats, his friend had tried to get him to move forward but to no avail. Chale, he was a back bencher and no one was changing that anytime soon or so he thought. They were asked to rise to share the opening prayer. That was when he saw her, 2nd row front seats and with the speed of Bolt pushed his friend aside and was headed to the front. His friend was shocked.
He stood there mouth gaped for a while.

‘Naana’, she turned her head and opened her eyes as John mentioned her name and shoved her lightly.

‘Is it you?’ John in his shocked state asked. Naana on the other hand seemed so composed as though she knew he would be there. ‘Service is ongoing. We will talk after.’ Naana replied quietly. ‘Ah bu…’ Naana placed her finger on his lips and gestured for him to join her at the front. He humbly obliged.
The service ended and John tried to immediately pull her out but she broke free and told him he would have to wait since she had to see to some things before they left and told John not to leave. But John knew she didn’t even have to ask. He wasn’t going anywhere.
John explained to her how he had spent the whole month trying to find her as they walked to her hall. He did well to exempt some few details just to save his image. Naana giggled and told him she had known about it since some of her course mates had even announced in class that any person called Naana should own up cos she was seriously causing heart break. He asked about how she knew they would meet again (this was the last thing she said before she went missing).
‘Some things you just know will happen’, she replied. She told him of how she had finally decided to give in to the announcements and told his friend to invite him to their church.

‘Most people know me as Sarah though. Naana is my house name’, she added.

secret writer

For those who have missed the first part, just look it up and keep updated. Remember to read, like, share and comment and learn!


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