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love 1

John entered the bus and headed for the window seat as usual. He found himself on the third row from the driver’s seat and seated himself comfortably. He pulled out his s6 edge to get his usual update on social media happenings. He browsed through his twitter timeline to find something to laugh about, the main reason he frequented these platforms. He felt the bus tilt slightly and decided to steal a glance at who was getting on. Their eyes were immediately fixed to each others the moment they met. In John’s heart it was like a slam dunk, a hole in one, a long range shot that had managed to find the top corner of the goal. It was magical.
He realized he had spent a while gazing and decided to get back to his phone. He both wished she will end up sitting by him and not sitting by him at the same time. His wish came true. The first that is. She ended up sitting by his side with all the belongings a lady could possess it seemed. She politely said hello. John just tilted his head and gestured to respond. The lady felt it a bit rude that John had shrugged off her hello with just a seemingly rude gesture. This wasn’t the case though.
John was a shy person and didn’t open up to any conversation starter straight away. John’s shyness had a root but would be best we don’t spend time uncovering it now. Before he indulged in a dialogue with any lady that was not initiated by the other party he would have to plan out the whole outline of the conversation in his mind, as though forming codes in programming;
These made up conversation were mostly discarded cos he never started the conversation anyway. Today was no different. He carefully planned out what he would say in his mind and attached her possible response. He kept developing scenarios and playing it out in his mind for the best possible flow. It went on for a while till he decided to just introduce himself and let it pan out the way it would cos he wasn’t letting this one go that easy cos it felt different.
The bus had moved from the station and was on its way to Tech junction.

‘Errmm, Hello’, John said.

She looked in his direction and smiled and replied.
She thought to herself, ‘The mute guy actually talks’.
John introduced himself and asked her for her name.

‘I’m Naana’ she replied.

John still kept his phone in his hand, just in case this didn’t go too well.
‘I guess you are headed to campus. With all this luggage one would think you were leaving the country’. This made her giggle a bit but not too loud to disturb the next person.
She replied in the affirmative.
John had found something to work with. Her sense of humor. His phone found its way into its hiding place. John kept the conversation up getting her to give up some key information; her course and her hostel. He tried hard to land her room number but she wasn’t giving it up that easy.
John missed his stop but it was no mistake. In fact the bus attendant had repeated a third time but no one responded. The bus attendant was familiar with John cos he mostly boarded his bus for an 8.30 lecture on Tuesdays every week. He had even looked in his direction to confirm. The bus attendant saw the reason why and almost broke out laughing but managed to keep his head. John had a purpose and he found it so great that he missed a lecture to see it fulfilled.
‘Stadium?’ the attendant inquired.
‘Bus stop’. John and Naana had replied in unison.
They stared at each other and giggled.
‘I never asked where you were headed’, Naana said.
John had the answer cooked up and stored eons before the question came cos remember he was good with formulating such scenarios in his mind. So, with the ease of Trezeguet hitting the crossbar during a penalty shootout, he lied with a straight face. He said he had to see a friend at Republic hall and as though that wasn’t already planned suggested to see her off to her hall, Independence. She gladly agreed cos she knew she needed it and she saw no harm in John. In fact, she felt she liked his personality.
John handled most of her luggage and Just as they got to the entrance of Naana’s hall she asked for her belongings. John tried to convince her to let him help her farther but Naana declined in a nice manner. He asked for her digits and Naana declined that also. John almost lost his cool but controlled it in the nick of time.

‘You will see me again. I promise’, Naana said and entered her hall

John was tempted to follow her and find out her room number but he didn’t want to look that desperate. All John had now was a name (shared by many), course and hall. He thought to himself, ‘The hunt begins’ and headed for Republic hall.

Secret Writer

i remember one of my new year resolutions was to create a category and a section just for your works. This is the first i have received from a very good friend and he pleaded i didn’t name him. …whispering..he is

i pray you enjoy and learn from it.






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