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Elinam slammed her room door hard.

She was angry!

In fact, she thought she might just explode! She couldn’t believe he had the nerve.
She walked up to her bed and threw her handbag towards her wardrobe which was to her left. She wasn’t bothered where it landed.She stretched to grab her pillow and screamed with all her might into it. Elinam knew she would explode if she didn’t calm down.
She took a deep breathe in and let it out slowly. It seemed to be working by calming her racing heart. She was tempted to say she regretted ever accepting to date him but she knew she was just over reacting.
She had day dreamed of this day since they began dating last year in August. How he would bring a big, lovely teddy bear with a poem of a note to her doorstep, decorate her bed with rose petals and take her out for a romantic dinner. She had even told him, given him signs of what she yearned for on Val’s day. He had looked deep into her eyes and smiled so she had taken it for a yes.
Elinam remembered how she could barely sleep on the eve of Vals day. At exactly 12 midnight he had sent a sweet message to her professing his love and had changed his dp to a collage of her. So she had expected more from him, but at 2 pm he hadn’t mentioned anything about a dinner and she had returned from church to see her bed still neatly laid and the teddy bear which she had already named!….
‘aaarrrrgghhh! She screamed at nobody in particular.
Just then someone knocked. She decided to ignore it but the person just would not stop knocking.
‘Come in already’ she shouted at whoever it could be.
He opened the door slowly and entered
Elinam stared a him for a few seconds and turned her head away.
Nana sighed.

‘I can’t believe you are like this because I couldn’t make your dream a reality on Vals day Eli. Our love isn’t limited to just one day!’ he said out of frustration, throwing his hands in the air.’

Happy Vals Day Everyone!!!
Yep, I do know it’s the 15th of February but believe me when I say every day is Valentine’s Day to me. Cos every day I ought to show my love to you. It’s my life.

The Bible says, Love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, all thine soul and all thine mind….and love your neighbour as yourself on Val’s day…oopps!… I think its….
…and show your neighbour your love on vals day.
Lol…I know it doesn’t say that, rather it says,
‘Love the Lord your God with all thine heart, all thine soul and all thine mind and…LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR AS THINESELF….’

He may not have added everyday but please note that love is a daily process and that we love because he first loved us.

Let every day be a valentines day for and to you. Don’t relegate your love just to 14th of February and ladies please stop banking your hopes on the day dreams you have for the 14th day of February.
Love gives, the best way to celebrate love with that special one is to give him something (please be wary of what you give though) and not expect everything.
I love you all
God bless you
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