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virtuous girlfriend this has been on my mind for a while now but I want to introduce a story before I go on to blabber like I usually do. Enjoy…lol

An excellent wife who can find?
She is far more precious than jewels
The heart of her husband trusts in her,
And he will have no lack of grain

Naana sighed in relief as she placed the very last silverware inside its designated cabinet. She wiped the sweat of her brow with the back of her left hand and yawned loudly. She was exhausted. Just then her phone rang. Naana pushed her left hand deep into the side pocket of her jeans shorts and answered the call, paying no attention to the caller ID.
‘Madam, you need to be in class in the next 2 seconds cos we have a test!’ Ama screamed over the phone
‘What?’ Naana managed to ask in shock
‘ Yes o…the TA just appeared from nowhere and told us to get ready, we have a test in 10 minutes and he was darn serious.’ Ama replied
‘mm….I will be there in a few minutes. Please save a seat for me’ Nina replied and ended the call.
She didn’t have time to grumble, she knew she had to leave. She quickly grabbed her bag from the hall and pasted a note on the fridge for him. She would have loved to spend the evening with him.


‘Fifteen minutes more.’ The TA said in a nonchalant voice from the front of the lecture hall.
Naana had barely written anything. She had just chewed on her pen top all through as she stared at the questions. She didn’t know the answers because she hadn’t bothered to read her notes or tag along with Ama when she was heading for group studies.
Ever since she got into this relationship with Emmanuel, all she did was to be at his service. She cooked for him, cleaned his apartment, did his laundry and was being coaxed into warming his bed. The more they spoke about having sex, the less evil it felt especially if it was to be with him. She really loved him and wanted to keep him. She wanted him to see she would make an excellent wife.
‘2 minutes more, start rounding up.’ The TA’s voice cut into her wandering thoughts. She sighed inwardly, she knew she had practically failed this test but she promised herself to study more for the upcoming exam.
Just then they were asked to stop work. She turned her empty answer sheet upside down, walked up to the front of the hall, handed it over to the TA and began walking out of the class still lost in thought.
‘Naana!’ Ama screamed from behind.
Naana turned sharply, and smiled. She had totally forgotten about Ama. She had been thinking of how to get to his apartment in time to surprise him. She had decided to finally let him have all of her. She knew he won’t hurt her.
‘Naana, you need to stop doing all this…you are not a wife o. How was the test? I was trying to catch your attention and give you…
Ama kept blubbering on just then Naana’s phone rang and she raised her right hand to stop her friend.
‘Hello hun. Wassup’ she answered excitedly
‘Are you home?’ he asked over her phone.
‘No please, but I will be heading there soon. Do you need anything?’
‘Ok. Call me when you get there.’
‘Yes please. bye bae.’
‘You actually raised your hand up at me because of that brute?!’
‘Ama please, not now, I have a headache and I need to head back to his place like right now.’ Naana replied as she turned to leave.
Ama grabbed her hand.
‘Naana, please this is not you. Let’s sit somewhere and talk please. This relationship is just getting out of control. I keep telling you, you are not a wife, at least not yet. So please don’t do this.
‘Ama I am fine. Naana replied sternly and pulled her hand from the grip. Ama was beginning to piss her off. Whatever she, Naana, decided to do in her relationship for and with him was none of her business!


I am sure most of you might have heard or read about the virtuous woman in the proverbs 31. And I believe we all know she was a wife and not a The virtuous girlfriend mentality is slowly becoming a canker in our society. Where ladies move in to the homes of their boyfriends to act in the position of a wife when no decision or action has been taken in that direction by both parties.
While I was on campus I experienced and saw many scenarios as related above and I think I became a victim of the canker as well…lol…I said I think.
Anyway, to all those beautiful jewels who want to prove to their men that they are worth much more than gold. You don’t need to follow in the stead of Naana and live a life dedicated to that one person. Most ladies perceive that by doing these, they are showing care and proving themselves worth it. I am not saying it’s a crime to do these ONCE IN A WHILE if and when the NEED BE. But please do not make it a habit.
Instead of self promoting yourself to the stead of a virtuous girlfriend, ask the Lord to show you more of Himself and lead your path , that at the right time and with the right person, you shall be the virtuous woman who will be praised.

Charm is deceitful
And beauty is vain
But a woman who fears the Lord
Is to be praised.

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Love you all
God bless you all



  1. So thats naana’s pic up there…. She’s pretty… Pls tell her to chill kwraaaa… There will be more time to do the dishes, prepare food, laundry and heat, not warm the bed… Hope she will still have that vim when the time comes… Lol


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