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When Corn teaches a lesson In the new year…


It’s the New Year!
Welcome to 2016!
And my first blog entry which is on / about corn…lol

I know it’s uncalled for but you will love to read this and apply it to the coming year.

My lesson started today as mum reheated corn on the stove. I love sweet, soft (emphasis on soft) corn so I was unhappy when I realized they all looked and felt hard. Almighty me decided not to eat but that decision took a sour turn when I saw and tasted my brother’s choice from the pot. It was soft!

I quickly rushed to the kitchen to get some corn for myself. I created a salt solution, chose two yummy looking cobs of corn, transferred them into my salt solution and waited a while before transferring them into my bowl.

I headed to the hall to masticate my first official meal in 2016 but just as I had taken a few bites off the cob my mum lamented on the fact that we hadn’t brought her any. She requested I give her one of my cobs and I wasn’t too excited but I opted to give her the one I had bitten cos the other cob in my bowl looked fatter and more delicious and I didn’t want to give her that…(yes, I know, I can be greedy at

My greedy self got out of the couch and headed towards mum at the dining table to offer my eaten corn. No sooner had I sat down and taken a bite of my ‘overly hyped corn in my own eyes’ when I realized I made a big mistake. My corn was hard and tasteless!!…:-(

Just then the Holy Spirit ministered to me, I thought I was keeping the best for myself by keeping the bigger cob but I was just analyzing from the outward appearance and being greedy and that was my reward.

In this year is, give the good you have out when the need calls for it, don’t judge by the outward appearance and don’t be greedy…or you might just have the tasteless cob to eat.

Read, comment, share, like….
God bless you


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