HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!…in advance

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OK…so i know this year hasn’t been as great as last year…i didn’t write as much…lemme correct that…i wrote but i didn’t post on my blog as much.

I want to take this time to apologize to all my readers. You honestly cannot imagine the number of unfinished pieces on my phone and scraps of papers and jotters and books and on our home computer that blew up… i just havent been posting and that was my mistake, do forgive me.The year 2015 taught me much and i know it taught you too. I pray you put all you have learnt, studied, experienced, seen, heard and come across to practice in the coming year.

By God’s grace 2016 would be much different. I have decided not to start stories and never end them. So i am going to try and perfect my short stories…which in actual sense never remain short…lol( all my series were supposed to be short stories but i couldn’t just get myself to stop writing like how i cant seem to stop typing on my keyboard right now…lol)

God willing in the coming year, I plan to create a category where i post slightly edited pieces or works from other people once a week. i believe we are one body in Christ and i am willing to share my blog which in actual sense is for my First Love- His Excellency The Holy Spirit.

So if you are interested in having any work of yours posted here, just hit me up.

Also, i plan to spice stuff a bit…now that’s going to be a surprise so i can’t really let you in on what i have planned to do or else it wont be a surprise after all…

I found out this year that there are just too many writers, i think that was one of the reasons i stopped blogging for a while apart from the fact that i saw a couple of my works copied and re-authored..no further comments.

This year i have read, partially read,skimmed through and scanned all kinds of works, some genuinely inspired by the Holy Spirit..others…(i will just shake my head at this moment)

All i ask is that as you read, you comment and share.

Cos i honestly don’t just pick up my pen or unlock my phone to write unless greatly inspired by the Holy Spirit.

There is one short story…yes short story not series…lol..that i will post soon.i plan on finishing that by the close of January 2016 then we see where He leads us next…

Just to wet your appetite, i have been working on it for long…well..in my mind..geez…that is still working ..lol..be expecting something short on…


Have a blessed year and kindly poke me when i begin to slack on all i have written up there. We need each other to survive.

Let’s raise our glasses containing whatever edible fluid and drink to the greatness of the coming year.


God bless you.






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