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To all those who believe Priscilla Sherrie has just vanished off the face of the earth, I am sincerely sorry to inform you that I am nowhere near gone neither am I in the process of going. So I am back…not with a big bang, or thud or anything else, I am just back.

Sometime back on a Thursday, while heading to work using the motorway, I sent a friend a message;

‘It doesn’t take much to obey God when you remove the ‘you’ factor’…

Now, that message wasn’t out of the blue. I didn’t get up one Thursday morning and decide to be spiritual to another Homo Sapien like myself. I had had an interesting experience which I believe is worth the share in order to encourage someone who feels he or she is too big or too small to follow the instructions of that still small voice. Here goes my story…

Almost becoming a habit I had developed in the past few days, I was running late again!!! It was 6:30 am and I was still at home!!! I struggled to finish wearing my black leather shoes while half hopping, half walking and half running on the corridor, grabbed my bag from the couch close to the hall door and shouted a good bye to my mum as I run toward the main gate. In my mind I knew I will get to Accra at 8:00 am which implied me being late the third time in a week.

Very fortunately, I didn’t have to wait long beside the road before getting a taxi to the station. I struggled in and jammed myself up with the other backseat passengers, praying by some miracle the taxi would just teleport to the station so I could quickly take a commercial vehicle.

After what seemed like forever, and a short session of traffic-caused mainly by unlawful taxi drivers who believed picking or dropping off a passenger in the middle of the road was the best way to help me begin my already bad day- I finally got to the station. I struggled through the crowd, made up of early traders and workers, literally running in order to be part of the last few passengers to join the commercial vehicle.

Anyone who usually boards a commercial vehicle from my part of town would know about commercial medicine marketers who join commercial vehicles in order to inform and give us long lectures on their new products on sale. They would also know about commercial preachers who preach in the vehicle and are sometimes handed some offering out of the gratitude of the passengers. So that Thursday I sat where these commercial preachers usually sat after they had finished preaching in order to alight at the last stop.

As the car began to move, I said a silent prayer and committed the journey into the Lord’s hands but I felt I ought to get up and lead the other passengers in prayer. I had every excuse to give to God when His silent voice spoke to me- I spoke bad twi, I was too nicely dressed, I was scared of being late for work, the car was too rickety, the passengers seemed unfriendly and my excuses kept rolling in.

I still kept feeling that nudge and the fact that I actually had no excuse at all. I kept thinking of myself and how comfortable I wanted to be and the fact that it was supposed to be someone’s job and the list goes on. I shut my mind up, rose up from my seat, turned to face the passengers in the bus, well-that was after I sought permission from the mate of the vehicle- and prayed in English after a short introduction in broken twi…lol. After I was done, I sat and felt peace.

There are times we feel the need to do something for Christ, some people don’t only feel but hear as well and decide to ignore it. I have one thing for you, let go of YOU and let God work through you.

God bless you

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