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And so this Sunday….


So today is a Sunday, and I was out drying clothes before we went to church. I know I always seem to be doing one chore or the other when i get stuff to write- virtuous woman on fleek…lol. I decided to have a chat with the Holy Spirit and inquired why most marriages didn’t seem to continue in the stead of good relationships and become even better because marriage is supposed to be the most intimate relationship a man and woman can have on earth and is a model of the the church(the bride) and Christ (the groom) in Heaven.

He dropped this verse into my heart.

Well its not a verse but a whole chapter.


About Caleb and the other 9 spies who went to check out the land of Canaan.

I remember sometime back I had my quiet time using this particular chapter and the Holy Spirit ministered to me that the spies visiting the land of Canaan to more or less assess it wasn’t the true reason God instructed that they be sent.

It was the final weaning process for those who were ready to enter and possess the land of Canaan from those who weren’t. In the same way, the Lord ministered to me that, the waiting period before accepting a proposal is crucial. Once you don’t hear God’s consent wait. For in actually sense, the man may be the right person for you, or the woman may be God’s opportune for you but the time isn’t yet due and you are not eligible to take your relationship higher.

At that moment God may be working or refining him or her for you but because you can’t wait, you take the gold out of the fire before its fully refined.

Like in a race, when athletes cannot start till the hear the shot of a gun, you can’t jump start your marriage wait till you hear God’s go.

His height, stature or pressure from your family or his shouldn’t be the reason you jump start your own future.

Chill wae

God loves you

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