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John 1:5

And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

Kuukua sat alone in the corner of the library. She wasn’t a known face there since she had never made it a habit to come to the library. Lately, however, she realized it was the only place she had peace from the torture of her new life since her friends never ceased taunting.

She sighed loudly and froze, she wasn’t supposed to make so much noise in the library. Even with the few people in the section of the library she was at, she could feel their eyes bore into her skin. Her own eyes remained glued to the book in front of her whose title or content she knew nothing of. She had just grabbed it off the shelf while walking to her special corner. She didn’t want to look unserious.

Kuukua stifled another heavy sigh. Was this how it was meant to be and would it continue forever? Shaking her head, she flipped the page of her unknown book. It seemed even the once peaceful silence of the library was literally strangling her today but she had no where else to go, no place to hide, from the piercing eyes of her friends. She had even began having doubts about this new life.

Hmm…her new life o! That was the cause of all this. Her friends just couldn’t come to terms with the fact that almighty Kuukua had changed. No o….Actually changed. Just like that?! Weren’t they all taught somewhere in school that change was a gradual process so where did Kuukua’s supposed change fit in.

At first they thought someone close to her had died, then they thought she must have been pregnant and it was too far off to abort so she was worried sick, then they thought her new rich boyfriend might have caught her cheating with one of her innumerable campus boyfriends and so had dumped, they kept thinking, kept asking but she told them it was none of all they thought. They were confused.

Kuukua didn’t go for parties anymore, she ACTUALLY went for lectures and was on time, she had stopped dressing seductively, she did her assignments herself -well she tried to, she didn’t find their crude jokes funny anymore, she barely touched alcohol lately… The list was endless!!! And worst of all-she read the Bible and went to church!!!

Tweeeaaa!!! Kuuks bebe, as they affectionately called her, of all people went to church now o. Jesus surely must be returning soon, they reasoned. Someone who had a reputation of greeting anyone, who came to the room to evangelize, with a bucket of water! How could this be?!

Kuukua was confused. After her friends found about her new love for Jesus Christ, they kept asking, kept teasing, kept laughing at her and it hurt real bad. Her new Christian friends tried to keep encouraging her on but she knew they didn’t truly understand what was going on with her. They just saw surface stuff.

She signed heavily again, she didn’t care if the other students stared hard at her again. She honestly didn’t care anymore, they could go burn the see if they were so annoyed with her sighing. They didn’t know the thoughts that run through her head. Just then two verse she had chanced on earliar in the week came to mind-she couldn’t remember which exact part of the Bible they came from though.

‘And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.’

‘Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.’

It hit her! Right in the heart. At that very moment she realized one thing. Her friends would never understand her or comprehend her new life. The darkness comprehended not the light. Once those friends of hers were still in the dark they will never understand her since she was now in the light and had the very light as her one true love.

She felt such peace. She wasn’t going to bother her head anymore trying to please them, she was going to live as directed by the Holy Spirit and no one could stop her. She was excited. She wanted to jump and scream at the revelation.

Maybe like Kuukua, you may have been teased or everything took a nose dive in your life after you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal savior. Don’t be moved, don’t be shaken, keep trusting Him and know this.

The Darkness can never understand,comprehend, appreciate the light.

Be light man/woman!

You are blessed.

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4 thoughts on “THE DARKNESS….

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