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And so I had a long chat with a friend a few days ago, we talked about anything and everything and soon began talking about how difficult it was to gain employment in the country. He lamented on the fact that he had sent countless letters but you need an in-man to push that application letter of yours through. You needed either a friend or someone who knew someone in the company you were about to deliver your application letter to. Now I tried making a point that, God didn’t need any help to push you wherever he wanted you to go to but I guess…

That phone call reminded of an occurrence I had had with another friend while chatting online via a popular social media days before. I told him I was on a short internship at a particular company and the only thing he asked was,

‘So who linked you?’

I mean REALLY??!!

Now that didn’t take me aback immediately till I realized he was the third person to ask how I got to work in that company. I wasn’t angry, but I made it clear to him that I didn’t need an in-man or anyone to link me when I had the Holy Spirit.

I think it’s about time Christians stop living by the lip. You go to church and are so thrilled by the messages of faith, and how God can make a way where there seems to be no way, how God would intervene for you yet in actual sense we don’t believe any of the things we hear or say. We recite them like nursery lines while praying fervently or chip them into a conversation at one point to sound spiritual and remind ourselves of what the Bible says but deep down we actually do not mean it.

I am a prey to this, I must confess, but after last week I promised to change. God doesn’t need an in-man to give you a job or promotion or whatever it is you need- especially when it isn’t a part of His perfect will for your life. Granted, there are times God will use people but believe me when I say God isn’t the type to share His glory with anyone. He who created the world, the only sovereign being doesn’t need and in-man to send you to where He has willed that you go.

Quit paying lip service, start living by faith. As you declare, believe and ask that His perfect will be done in your life. Maybe, just maybe, you aren’t ripe enough for whatever you are fighting for.


God loves you

Do share.


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