Kwabena gulped and stared hard at the sumptuous waakye being eaten directly infront of him by his work colleague. Today was the very first day of a three day church fast and he didn’t know if he could even last to 10:00 am before falling prey to his stomach.

Right from the drive to work every food he could think of, which he would normally not even consider, kept popping up in his mind, pleading to be eaten and worst of all- his stomach had decided not to stop growling. It growled as he entered his sleek black Audi R6, it growled as he literally fought his way through traffic while heading to work, it growled when he alighted from the his car and headed into his office. It growled so much he just had to get some water- to see if it will solve this silly ‘growmalia’!!! And that’s exactly where he headed-only to be hit hard in the face by Kofi’s waakye, which definitely smelt like it was Memuna’s Special Waakye.


Jay ogled at the enormous behind of the client he had just spoken to.


He had helped her solve her network issue within minutes and after thanking him, she was walking off but that behind! Jay couldn’t take his mind of it. And she wasn’t the first lady to fall prey to his eyes.

He had tied the knot with the love of his life, Nina, barely 4 months ago and yet his eyes didn’t seem to want to give him breathing space. He kept looking and staring at things he knew he didn’t have to.


Miss Mensah, sat and gawked at her bank statement which had just been printed and delivered to her by her Personal Assitant- Akua. Who said she needed a man when she had all these? She could have any man of her choice if she wanted-all she need do was buy him a house and give him a car accompanied with a fat monthly allowance.

At 30, she had uncountable cars, too many houses and a group of companies she had stopped keeping track of. Not even the God of her mother, could stop her. She sat back and relaxed in her swivel office chair made from the finest leather and extremely good for her back, according to her personal chiropractic doctor.


Earlier this year, while reading the fourth chapter of Matthew, I wrote an entry into my quiet time journal. On Sunday at church, during the time allotted for preaching, the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to see and understand more of what I had written some months ago. I will begin by posting the journal entry.

Reading: Mat 4

Again something peculiar struck me as I read this chapter. There are three main things the devil tests most humans with. First, food (Mat 4:3). Most times we find it difficult to totally let go of food-in the case of fasting- and other times we find it difficult to control our urge for food and end up overeating. Man wasn’t called to live by bread alone but by the words that proceed from the mouth of God says the words of the Bible. Food was meant to strengthen the vessel in which the spirit and soul reside. Food was not given to control us. Like a clay pot needs firing up to reduce the water content in it and make it stronger and last longer, we need food to fire up our vessel but we must not live by it.

Secondly, Faith (Mat 4:6). The only reason why you would decide to test something or try to prove that something is worth much is because you do not believe in it and would want evidence to justify it. The second thing or test the devil tries to get us with is our faith. Faith is ‘not seeing yet believing’ but the devil often pushes us to the point where we throw out our faith and hang on ‘seeing is believing’

The last thing, the devil usually tests us on is humility and our need of power (Mat 4:9). We must not succumb to this temptation for we are here as temporal pilgrims ‘.

Father, please help me hold unto you and not fall short in these areas. Amen.

As I wrote, I didn’t know I was speaking of THE MIGHTY THREE. Yep, the mighty three we must overcome as children of God. Since forever, the devil has used these vain three to attack us and hasn’t changed his strategy. He used the mighty three on Jesus and failed woefully yet he continues to employ its use in our lives daily to cause us to fall. The lust of the flesh, which I referred to as food in my quiet time journal. The pride of life, I referred to this as humility and our need of power and The lust of the eyes, which I referred to as faith.

We are called to be over comers as children of God yet daily we must fight and overcome these mighty three in our bid to draw closer to God and be true over comers. So the next time you fast and are hungry, or can’t seem to stop staring at that particular thing, or feel too fulfilled and boast remember you are an over comer and must overcome these.

God loves you. Stay blessed.


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