Adam loved ‘Steve’?

Adam and Eve in garden --- Image by © Robert Recker/Corbis
Adam and Eve in garden — Image by © Robert Recker/Corbis

Gen 2:23
The man said, “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called ‘woman,’ for she was taken out of man.”

Over the past few days, the latest news which has sparked much controversy around the world,Ghana inclusive, is the legalization of Gay Marriages in America. I haven’t been left out of the discussion cos just last night i had a long talk with a friend on this issue.

So now, they want to tell us Adam loved Steve and not Eve? They want to say God created Adam and Steve? Unlike other people, who are angry about this whole issue- I actually feel for these people whom we largely classify as Gay. My heart goes out to them for the fact that they are missing out on Christ and feel justified. They do not realize they have a longing- a longing to be found,to be loved unconditionally, accepted and cared for.Its that longing, placed in them by the Lord Himself that seems to be misplaced. Where they seem to find all the above mentioned characters in a partner of the same sex.

I have just one question for anyone involved in this kind of act or hails it.
‘We have been scientifically proven to be the highest of animals in wisdom and other actions.However which animal of lower class than us, has ever taken a liking to its male counterpart (if male)and vice versa.

God loves you. Please come to Him.

God bless you


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