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Bible Hugger?



Today I woke up real late after trying over three failed attempts to open my eyes and pull myself out of bed. I finally gathered the courage to fully wake up at about 8:33am-lol. I sluggishly stretched out my hand and reached for my totally worn out bible on a short, plastic stool beside my bed.

Now I didn’t open the Bible, I just brought it real close to my chest and hugged it-not too tight though- cos I was still trying to convince myself I was fully awake. Then the Holy Spirit brought a scripture to mind,

Psalm 119:11
Thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against you.

He continued by saying, I never said, ‘thy word have I hugged that I might forever look like your child and deceive others that I am’
That actually got me laughing but come to of think of it,isn’t that mostly the case?

We dress up nicely for church, hold a tab,iPad or notebook and sometimes a Bible and head to church for our Sunday ritual of being a Christian. To even look more Christian,we top it up by joining a service group in church and sometimes coming to church on weekdays-for midweek service.

Are you a word keeper or a Bible hugger? The Holy Spirit is asking if you really do have a relationship with Him or you are just living a routine life. It might have become so routine it feels normal, so much that you do not even realize it is a routine!!!

Today the Holy Spirit is admonishing me,you as well, to be word keepers and not Bible huggers.

Love you
Stay blessed



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