Facade (5)


Eli woke up with a start and looked at her alarm clock. It was 20 minutes past 6 am and her lecturer had informed the class on Friday that their class on Monday will begin at 7. Anyone late wouldn’t be allowed into the class.

Eli stretched and grumbled-she honestly wished she could miss this class but she couldn’t. She threw her duvet off and stepped out of bed heading towards the doorway to the kitchen. Philip had stuck a note to her fridge and left some food in a saucepan on her hotplate. She didn’t bother checking what food it was, she was running late and had entered the kitchen to take some water. She ignored the note on the fridge as well. Eli was sure Philip had locked her inside with his key.
She walked up to the middle of her room and sighed,she didn’t want to think about their relationship. At least not now, not before her 7 am lecture!!!

Brian quickly ironed his shirt-he was running late. He didn’t usually iron his clothes on the day he was wearing them but today had to be an exception. He had tried staying up last night to study for his quiz at 11 am this morning but all he could remember was waking up only to be surprised by the time his phone displayed to him-6:25 am!
His mind flashed back to the stern statement Mr. Mensah had given last week Friday about today’s class being at 7 am not 8-no one coming after 7 will be allowed into the class. He needn’t joke with any class with his shaky average.

Philip’s phone rang loudly startling him in the process. He had been deep in thought concerning a contract deal which seemed to be going all wrong.
He answered the phone without looking at the caller ID.
‘Eeii Philip, so do you know me anymore?’ The caller at the other end asked.
Philip gritted his teeth. He knew that voice too well. It was Crystal-he should have checked the caller ID before calling. He didn’t need her rumbling on at this time of the day.
‘Hello dear,how are you doing?’ He asked calmly.
‘Eeii Philip, so now I am your dear.’
‘Crystal I don’t need this now please,I am at work’
‘You are a funny guy Philip. Anyway I called to make you know that you have been missed as well as my menses for the past two months.’
Philip’s heart skipped a beat. This couldn’t be happening.
‘Crystal, please let me call you after I close from work,please.’
‘Sure.’ Crystal replied and hanged up.
Philip banged hard on his desk. He didn’t need this,not at the time he was getting serious with Eli. He breathed heavily-this Monday morning just wasn’t going right, he thought to himself as he loosened his necktie.

Nina’s eyes opened slowly. She didn’t have a lecture this morning but she had an assignment to work on. She stretched out her right hand for her Bible and journal in her handbag hanging on the chair beside her bed.
She stopped halfway when her phone beeped twice to indicate she had received a message. Wondering who would send a message around this time, she raised her pillow and picked her phone. The message was from an unknown number. She frowned, who could that be.


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