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For a while now I have been reading about David and Saul and I must say that I find a very interesting character in Saul. He actually made me laugh with all his futile tactics to catch and kill David.

Today I am not writing about a physical experience I had while on a trip or completing a task. I am writing about David-yep, the dude who killed Goliath and was chased by Saul for a loooonnngggg time to no avail. I hope you remember him. The one that played such soul soothing music with the harp it could cause a demonic spirit to find new temporary shelter away from Saul’s body-his usual abode.

So our dear David had just returned from war-technically he wasn’t even apart of the war cos they sacked him to go home,lol. So he returns and finds that his town has been raided and everyone has been held captive by some people. His soldiers-as human as they were- began pointing fingers and playing the blame game.

Now here’s the part that got my attention,
1 Sam 30:6
but David encouraged himself in the Lord his God.

I read that statement again and again and again. And the Holy Spirit asked me this. How many times have you been in a crisis and found other ways of encouraging yourself apart from in the Lord.
In whatever form of misfortune or crisis we find ourselves in, we either play the blame game,become depressed or agitated or just plain wallow in self pity. Its sad to know that we read the Bible yet we fail to practice it. His strength is perfected in our weakness, even before this verse was documented in the Bible David knew in his heart and comforted himself by encouraging Himself in the Lord.

Stop wallowing,begin to encourage yourself in the Lord right now. You need to be joyful and thankful in all things because you see just a spec of the picture….the creator of the picture sees it all-allow him to lead the way.

Stay blessed
I love you



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