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‘Ghc 5 for all prayer requests’


Yes I know you would say, ‘Here goes another story from her’…lol…and I know this is what is on your mind but I still have a story to tell and that’s what I was called to do by His Excellency,my best friend, (I don’t care if you are hating)- The Holy Spirit.

Today I learnt two lessons- or more I think, or less too…lol. Today I had to go to town to meet a few people. I remember having a sleepless night this past night because of this crucial meeting.
I woke up early enough and watched as my mum headed out of the house for work. Her only request was that I stay home and postpone my meeting with these people by calling them.

Now stubborn and adamant me refused to listen. After she left, I did a few things and dressed up to leave in the slight drizzle. I walked through mud, boarded a commercial vehicle-trotro- and waited for it to be full. Finally it was full and we were good to go.
About halfway through the journey,we were hit by a ‘go-slow’ because an accident had occurred a few metres ahead. I realized I was running late so I called only to be informed to turn back because the weather was bad and there were chances of it becoming worse. First lesson learnt-always listen to your parents.

When the rickety commercial bus which I had boarded arrived at its final destination, i alighted and headed straight to another commercial vehicle which would take me home-i know right, what a waste of sleep,time and money.
I got into the next car and sat at the back with an old man who, seemingly, didn’t want to let go of his youthful days. He had jerry curled hair and wore a pair of baggy shorts with a jacket. He held an inhaler for clearing clogged noses and occasionally put it to his nose to sniff it in- maybe to give him a high… Lol
Anyway,as I sat beside this rather interesting old man, a man boarded the car with a greenish cap and a blue top. I couldn’t see beyond his head and shoulders from where I sat at the back.
He began saying, he was a pastor and that he owned one of the largest churches in the city. He continued by saying, if you needed a jaguar(car),just give him 5 cedis and he would pray for you and you would get one.

You can imagine my bewilderment at that statement but I just kept staring at him nonchalantly. One passenger said Pastors are to give to us and not force us to give to them. This gentleman actually replied that pastors must be given something if we need anything. He seemed agitated by the statement and raised his voice demanding that we pay Ghc5 if any of us wanted to be prayed.
Within minutes he was out of the vehicle because everyone ignored him. Now I thought to myself, was that how low some Christians had come that a man could just spring up and demand money from anyone who wanted to be prayed for concerning a particular issue?
I am very sure some people had fallen prey to this man,all in the name of getting their prayer answered.
The Bible tells us in Phil 4:6-7
Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer…
Your own prayer, and know that the effectual prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

Stay blessed
God bless you



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