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A Greater SuperHero


Courtesy: Wallpaper Wide

I heard them say that most times when the message of the end times or salvation is preached over a period of time in a particular church, it has a subsequent diminishing effect on the size of the church. I honestly don’t know how true that is but that’s the situation according to some schools’ of thought.

My condolences to all families who lost a friend or relative due to the recent flood or the fuel explosion. In times like this we really do wish superheroes-such as the Flash-existed.
I do know of a supernatural being whom most ignore, maybe because they believe he hasn’t shown any visible sign of his strength or availability. The key word here is ‘maybe’. What is the use of doubting that a God lives and that Heaven and Hell are real in your short lifetime on earth?
Why waste your time doubting, postponing and debating over an issue you have no control over when you do not know the day you will drop dead or Christ would return?

I seem to be writing more seriously today because my heart is heavy. Heavy for the many souls that were lost. The question on my mind and prayer in my heart is that these ones didn’t just know God but actually had a personal relationship with Him.

To you who want to debate on the need for repentance -being deceived that there is no Hell or use the excuse of fake men of God to postpone the saving of your own life,hear me now, there is no excuse after death. There is just  vivid evidence of judgement and were you go next-Heaven or Hell.

Stay blessed



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