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‘Looks are deceptive’ is an old cliche I wouldn’t want to use to begin my entry today but allow me…I had the shock of my life when I realized this clichè is actually TRUE!!!
This entry is approximately a week and two days old to be placed on this blog however the entry is scribbled somewhere in my outdated diary-so no problem at all.
Back to my ‘clichèd’ reason for putting up this blog entry. I was returning home from my overly extended stay in school because of my final year project work. I boarded a bus while returning home and planned to sleep through out the journey but my fingers were pricked and my mind was made alert. You should know that I had no phone that could connect to the internet hence my inability to blog this post as soon as I witnessed the occurrence. So I went the old fashioned way. I pulled my outdated diary out of my really big handbag,grabbed an unsharpened pencil and actually sharpened it on the bus just to write what I had seen-now I hope you do understand the urgency of me writing whatever I had seen down.
OK, so before getting unto the bus you must know that my day did not start well at…aaaalllll!!! I woke up more than two hours after my two alarms went off and rushed to the bus terminal with the driver I had made to wait for me all night and waited for the bus to fill up which took close to two hours.
Now in my mind I had began grumbling, I had already planned my day out and had actually seen myself halfway through to my final destination at about that time. The Holy Spirit nudged and reminded me to be thankful in all things….so I decided to be thankful.
At the terminal before getting on the bus I met a man. This man had an overgrown beard and wore a long white robe reaching to his shin. Underneath, he wore a blue pair of trousers,not jeans, and a pair of local black slippers. I believe he had bushy hair too-if my memory serves me right….

To be continued
Stay blessed


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