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It’s been ages since i posted something up and believe me when i say i am in no way proud of myself. I have been having many requests to post something, anything! and I have had many,many,many, too many things to write about. I don’t know where to start or where to end or if to continue but i do know i am back thanks to a good friend who keeps poking me to write.

I have been reading a lot lately from the old testament and i realized one thing- I WONT HAVE SURVIVED A DAY OF OBEYING ALL THOSE RULES AND REGULATIONS THE ISRAELITES HAD TO OBEY!(sorry for the capital letters but i had to make my point). Thank God Jesus came down!!! I understood grace a little bit more after reading a few chapters of Leviticus- unmerited, undeserved, much needed, unpaid for, divinely instituted favor.

I kept asking myself if i would have had enough rams and sheep and lamb to offer as sacrifices for my sins or gift offerings or if i could survive a day of being unclean just cos i came into contact with an unclean person. Grace shouldn’t be taken for granted folks- we needed it badly and God gave it to us freely through His son cos if His son had not come down we would all be dead because we could never and can never live up to His standard.

Be ready for many more crazy experiences which taught me about the grace and love of God.

I love you all.

God loves you more



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