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Ultimate Record Keeper…

It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.

1Corinth 13:5

An interesting thing about me was I never ended the year with a message from myself to all my cherished readers and I am sorry. I do have an interesting message for you today though, and today marks the 1st day of January 2015.

Obviously this day ought to be a joyful day from beginning to end but somewhere along the line, getting to my end, mine took a low turn.

I LOVE talking-yes, LOVE talking and that’s how come I write a lot. Today I found out some people don’t really appreciate my talking or asking too many questions even though that’s just who I am.

A cherished individual in my life told me- actually repeated to me today-that I loved talking and asking questions and he wasn’t much of a fan of that aspect of my life. That caused a crushing blow to my heart and I began making plans to avoid him and show him I could also be silent.

Halfway through my plans,I stepped into the shower and began calculating the number of messages I would send him in a day from tomorrow. Satisfied with my plan, I drew a deep breath and splashed more water on myself.

Then the Holy Spirit dropped this in my heart-Love keeps no record of wrong. What?!!! (You can imagine my reaction to that word of knowledge!). The Holy Spirit had already told me something in connection with Love that I was supposed to run with through out the year and He began reminding me of how I must act Love out.

He told me not to put my plans into place, forget all that happened this night and love. Again I go like -Whattt???!!

So many times we claim to love and want to love and want to love like Christ but we flaunt the basic characteristics of love (1 Corinthians 13 gives a full tutorial on love). Love keeps no record of wrong and the Holy Spirit wants you to know that. To have a succesful relationship, keep no record of wrong. Yep-its hard but if you claim you do love, then keep no record of wrong.

In this year I pray you learn to love and keep no records, learn to love as Christ loves-unconditionally (that is hard to do in your human state but not too hard with the help of the Holy Spirit).

And so I end by saying this,
I LOVE you and I am not keeping any record of wrong.

God bless you.
Dedicated to all of my readers.
I love you all



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