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I want MY WAY!!!

Over the past few days I have been struggling a lot cos I had to let go of something dear to my heart. However the one thing I learnt was this….I am really selfish and I always want MY way!

Right from childhood I have wanted to know the outcome of things I do before doing them. And if I knew the outcome won’t be the way I want, I don’t bother…lol

I am not saying its a wrong practice to want to know the end of everything you do. At least that’s what the inspirational speakers say and it has really gotten into our heads…

Set goals!
Have a vision!
Set smart goals!
Know where you are going!

All that isn’t wrong but over these few days I realized something interesting….following these ‘sayings or instructions or whatever’ passionately, pushes God out of the whole picture.

I had set goals, I knew where I was going, I knew the man I was going with, in how many years we would marry and form a family and blah blah blah….then I prayed earnestly for God’s will to be done. (I did pray before setting these ‘goals’)

Interestingly He did something and before he did that, exactly a week before He put this word on my heart,

Habakuk 2:3
For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.

I didn’t understand it but slowly I am beginning to understand and take it in. His way is the best and His vision is for an appointed time.

Sometimes we struggle to have things the way we want it and what’s more….WE WANT IT NOW!…lol
But if we allow ourselves to let go we would realize something, God isn’t taking away what you want!, He is polishing it for you and giving you a better one so stop being stubborn about opening up your hand for Him to take.

It kills most of us to wait and not know what is at the end of the long wait but believe me its worth it.

Stop trying to have it your way. Have it God’s way and see if you won’t smile and smile and laugh and not be able to stop…lol

Enjoy the season
God loves you



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