Religion-Christianity · Series



Eli’s heart missed a beat when she opened her eyes and saw Philip. It took a minute for her to realize he had called to inform her he was coming over. She realized she might have dosed off afterwards because she didn’t remember anything else.
She tried sitting upright and pushing him off her body.
‘When did you get here?’
‘Now.’ He replied, ‘You hadn’t locked your door so I just entered.’ He continued.
She nodded absently to his reply and tried stretching her body. She was exhausted.
‘Could give you a massage?’ He suggested with a smirk.
‘No.’ She replied firmly, unamused by him.
‘This isn’t a fight miss. I am sorry for suggesting.’ He replied, with hands raised as if in surrender.
Eli struggled off the bed, staggered to her dressing stool and sat on it. The stool was opposite her bed. She wanted to create as much distance between both of them.
Philip looked at her with raised eye brows as if asking why she had moved.
‘Eli what’s wrong?’ He inquired softly.
Eli looked down into her palms which were on her lap. She had to let him go. All this was wrong yet she couldn’t find the strength to speak up. All the words seemed clogged up in her throat.
She didn’t know when the tears spilled out but they came anyway and he was there to hold her, to cuddle her and lift her from the stool to her bed. She couldn’t stop crying.

He didn’t understand what was going on with Eli. She seemed angry when she woke up to see him. And now she was crying. Weeping as if someone died.
She had stopped now and was asleep. What was eating her up? He doubted she had had anything to eat. He knew his way around her room and knew she loved his meals. He decided he would prepare sth special for her while she slept. At least that would make her happy he believed.

Brian took the last spoonful of the meal Nina cooked and brought over. She sat quietly on his bed and leaned against the wall. She had stopped eating with him after taking just a few spoonfuls of the food. He asked if she was full and she nodded in agreement, urging him to eat more and finish up.
He was secretly grateful she had stopped eating because he was starved.
‘Hope you enjoyed the meal.’ She inquired innocently.
‘I sure did.’ Brian almost inaudibly with a mouthful of food.
Nina pushed herself off his bed and began clearing up the plates and bowls.
She was very interested in him. He was the guy she dreamed of yet he never seemed to give any hint of liking her in any other way but friendship.
Her roommates described him as overly spiritual and asked her to shift her focus to Jude. In the eyes of her roommates he ‘loved her dearly’ but she knew he wanted sex and she wasn’t interested in that.
Another reason she always hesistated when it came to Brian was because of her experience with Ike. She sighed loudly. Remembering him brought so much pain to her heart. She knew she needed to forgive totally but she just wanted to meet up with him and hurt him back. If not more, as much as he hurt her.

Seline lay in bed beneath her covers. Kofi had walked her to her room and had left her at the door. She knew staying away from all the things they had initiated would be a lot of work and take a lot of effort but she was willing to try.
She was tired of the guilt and shame she felt after each act. It felt like people could see right through her when she stepped out. She could never bring herself to praying effectively or reading her Bible after each time. It felt like God would literally send a bolt of lightening down to her so she would be punished.



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