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‘I think we should return to the room and talk. I don’t feel too comfortable outside here.’ Seline coaxed.
‘No Seline, this place is fine. The room is too conducive for all the things we don’t want to happen. Please I beg you.’ Kofi pleaded.
They had settled on one of the benches in the school garden.
Seline sighed. She knew if they returned to the room to discuss such intimate stuff, even more intimate stuff would occur between them. She was happy he had taken up the responsibility to make them stop all the foolishness.
‘Seline, I love you and I know you know that and honestly I don’t want to lose you. I want us to stop doing all these for our own good. The more we keep doing this, the more we grow apart and the less we love ourselves. Ever since we began all this I realized we argue more over unnecessary issues and I seem to distrust you.I wouldn’t want to loose you eventually because of the little pleasure we enjoy now.’ Kofi continued.
Seline looked down at her feet and continued to do so for a while. She made Kofi feel akward and out of place because she was silent and seemed absent minded.
She slowly let out her breath and began,
‘I am honestly grateful that I have you in my life Kofi. I didn’t know how I was going to take up this responsibility of making us stop. I always felt guilty and dirty after every incident. No matter how I prayed I felt the same. I used to think living pure in a relationship was so easy but I realized I was fooling myself when we began dating. I dunno how we are going to pull through all this but I believe God would make a way for us.’
Seline moved her right hand to hold his left.
‘I honestly think we might need to speak to a counsellor or someone we know and trust and can open up individually to. Someone we can be accountable to.’ Kofi suggested.
‘Uhmm…I am not not too sure I am ready for that. At least not yet.’ Seline replied.
‘ I understand you. Lets pray and recommit our relationship into the Lord’s hands. I want us to start afresh on a new page with His help.

Philip opened the door to Eli’s room and entered. He hadn’t bothered to knock because he had called earlier to inform her he was on his way. He had missed her and couldn’t stay in the house all alone. He wanted to spend his Sunday night with her.
Eli slept soundly on the bed. He realized she might have fallen asleep after his call because she had sounded apprehensive about him coming over insisting she had had a long day and had just returned to the room. He knew she was a church executive and a wonderful lady. He didn’t know why she had made so much fuss about them not having sex in their relationship when it wasn’t needed. She had given in to him a month or so ago and he had been so excited. He doubted he would hurt such a lovely soul. She was wife material and needed to be treated as such. She needn’t find out about Crystal or Khadija. He didn’t plan on going far with them.
He sat slowly on her bed beside where she layed and gave her a peck on her cheek. Her eyes fluttered open.
‘Hello baby, how are you?. He said softly.



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