Random Thoughts · Series



‘I want us to stop.’ Kofi stated.
‘Stop what?’ Seline asked with raised eyebrows.
Kofi had enjoyed the meal she prepared for him and had thanked her, helping her to do the dishes afterwards. Seline had locked the door behind them as they stepped out for a walk.
He hadn’t given Seline his usual hearty kiss on her lips when he entered her room. She tried giving him one but he gave her a peck on her fore head instead.
After what happened the previous night he knew one of them had to take control of their relationship. It was spinning out of control and he didn’t like it. He knew the Holy Spirit didn’t like it too. He felt he was grieving Him. He never asked Seline to be his beloved because of her body. Granted-she was a wonderful piece of creation who loved him to bits.And he wasn’t going to deny that he was attracted to her in every possible way.
He wanted to marry her. He knew that within his spirit after they had been friends for a while. He knew he wanted to spend his life with her so he asked her to be his beloved. And he believed, before entering his relationship, that spirituality was all it took to be and live pure in a relationship but after a year and two months of dating all he could do was shake his head. He agreed that he had been woefully wrong.
He seemed to burn for her. Burn to have her in his arms, to cuddle her and whisper sweet words into her ears. That was how it all began, he allowed a burning desire to lead to a tight hug and the tight hug had led them to so many more things that made him feel guilty. He knew she wasn’t happy about it and knew they had to stop.
‘ I want us to stop all the sexual stuff we have been doing.’ Kofi continued.
Seline froze before taking the next step.


‘I will speak to you later dear. Remember to keep praying. I will come over God willing tomorrow.’ Eli said and ended the call.
She hadn’t had the strength to get off the floor and had remained in that position till she ended the call. A second year lady had called to ask for help with an addiction problem. She had refused to open up and insisted that Eli came over instead. So they decided Eli would come over the next day after her last lecture.
She was tired in everyway. She needed comfort and she knew it.
Eli struggled to her feet, took her shoes off and layed on her bed. Almost immediately her phone rang again and this time it was Philip. She sighed, she knew if she didn’t answer she might cause a whole chain of events to occur and she didn’t want that.
‘Hello Phil, how are you?’ She managed  to whisper.

Brian opened the door to see Nina at the door. She held a basket infront of her as she stood in a flowery long dress. Smiling she asked,
‘can I enter? I brought supper’
Brian moved out of the doorway and allowed her in. He smiled and shoke his head. This lady seemed to be an angel and knew what he needed and the exact time which he needed it.
‘Thanks Nina. God bless you.’
He quickly made a chair ready for her to sit on but she insisted she would sit on his bed and that was exactly where she sat.
‘Ok, so after church.. ‘ she began, ‘I just wanted to cook something special so I made some rice and stew with minced meat. I hope you enjoy it.’ She continued and uncovered the basket.
Brian’s mouth watered so much he didn’t know how to say thank you. His stomach rumbled again reminding him of how grateful he was to Nina.



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