Religion-Christianity · Series



Eli smiled at the first year student in front of her and opened up her arms wide to hug her.
‘How have you been dear, its been long since I saw you in church.’ She stated over Tasha’s shoulder.
Tasha smiled and replied,
‘Its a long story but no worries I am in church today and I pray I can continue till the end of the semester.’ as she released herself from the hug.
Eli smiled and nodded, ‘That’s good to know. I will come and visit you sometime this week or the next. How are your studies going?’
‘Well….a little struggle for me but I believe I will pull through.’ Tasha replied.
‘It is well. Let me pray with you before you run off again.’Eli said while shutting her eyes and taking hold of Tasha’s right hand.
‘Heavenly Father, I commit this wonderful virtuous lady into your hands.I pray and ask that you lead her and direct her and order her steps through out this week. Make her realize you are with her and may she continue to grow in you. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.’
‘Ameeen.’ Tasha replied, smiled and walked out of the dinning hall which served as the premises for the church meeting.
Eli bowed her head down and smiled sadly. In her heart she cried out, ‘Lord, I need strength to pull through all this, please Lord. I don….’ Her silent prayer was interrupted by Patrick.
‘Mama Eli. Please how are you? He asked and smiled sheepishly.
Eli raised her head and smiled back. She had to pull through and stay composed for at least two more hours. She opened up her arms wide to hug Patrick.
‘How are you dear?’ She began.


Seline looked on absent mindedly as the secretary of the choir gave the announcements. She heard nothing of what the secretary said nor the interesting comments from the choir.
Last night they had tried. They had tried not to touch themselves or hug themselves when he came to visit but it all proved futile. Before he left the room they had done more than just kissing. She felt dirty. Even after sleeping and waking up this morning, she didn’t want to come to church much more sing but she did anyway.
She loved him so much and wished they could stop but it seemed she couldn’t just control herself around him. Neither could he. One of them had to be strong and say no but none of them wanted that responsibility. She bowed her head and opened her clutch bag to check if her phone had received any message from him.
It had, he apologized for the night before, sent her good morning and a  devotional message.
She smiled.


Brian looked fivrously in the crowd to see if he could find any more of his department members. The department members always held a meeting after church service but most department members had to be reminded individually since some of them decided to speak to a few friends and come for the meeting at their own convinient time.
He stopped looking and sighed. All this was draining him. He had to take care, nuture and lead these ones but sometimes it all became too much and he felt no-one seemed to care about him. Everyone expected that he be alright with no problems but he also had issues. He needed a shoulder to cry on too! He had cried unto God for so long,..he felt God might just be tired of him.
‘Papa Brian please I was told you were looking for me.’ His thoughts were interrupted by Naa, a second year member of the department.
‘Yes, I wanted to remind you of our departmental meeting. Where were you?’



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