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Hot Cappucino!!!

I know I have been away for so long but during my rather long break I learnt so many things which I am more than eager to share.
The one I really want to share today is about cappuccino. Yep-coffee and loads of milk.

Ok, so one night during one rehearsal for an upcoming programme I happened to steal away with a couple of friends due to severe hunger. We ended up in the mall on campus and tried grabbing some stuff. We got cookies, biscuits and chips and we were done and paying off our bill. But just before we stepped out, we passed by a coffee making machine and one of my friends couldn’t bare to just walk past it. His excuse for getting coffee before returning to rehearsal was that he was coughing.

He got it and I being who I am wanted to be the first to taste yet he refused. So we ended up going in circles just because I wanted to be the first to taste his coffee! Eventually he just puts out his hand and tells me to take it.

Goodness! The worst mistake of my life! That cappucino was steaming hot and I scarred my tongue so bad! I blamed my friend for giving me the cappuccino actually telling him he could have fought more not to give it to me. After that incident something occured to me.

Most times as children of God, we fight to have our way. We fight so hard, have merry go rounds with God for that ‘cup of cappuccino’ and when He gives it to us, we scare our tongues and blame Him! Yes Him!

We forget that God knows it all and created all things. We feel we can have our way because we understand the times and know what we want. Isaiah 55:8 tells us something interesting…

My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,’ says the Lord
‘And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine.

Stop fighting with God for that cup of Cappuccino…ITS FREAKING HOT AND WOULD SCARE YOU!

God loves you.


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