She stopped running and collapsed on her knees into the sand at the beach. She didn’t know why she was crying yet the tears didn’t seem to want to stop. She shut her eyes tight to stop them.
Seconds later she opened them to look behind her left shoulder only to realize Jeff hadn’t come after her.

She didn’t blame him. He had had enough of her crazy,stupid tantrums. He needed to know at least. Even if she would not open up to her mother, she knew she had to bare her very soul out to Jeff.

She sighed and sat up on the sand. The sun wasn’t out today and the beach felt cold. She shivered and rubbed her arms with her palms to try and keep warm. She had just thrown on a flowery, sleeveless, knee length dress with gathers at the waist and a pair of brown sandals before leaving the hospital.

Suddenly she felt something warm thrown around her shoulders. She looked up to see Jeff. He had taken off his jacket and draped it on her shoulders. He sat heavily beside her on the sand and placing his arm on her shoulders, he pulled her closer to himself.
‘I need you to talk to me please. I need you to tell me everything that is going on. I am willing to listen. I promise….

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