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I am anxious. I know the Bible tells us not to be anxious concerning anything. I don’t even know if that’s the best word to describe how I feel at the moment. I just can’t wait to see him! It’s been so long since I saw him, and felt him and hugged him! He has been so far off even though we communicate so often.

These are the thoughts of Amy, a beautiful lady, in a long distance relationship who cannot wait for her love to come back. He will be in a few hours and she has gotten everything ready. She wants to run into his arms to hug him forever-if that’s possible. Today as I laid in my bed,  the Holy Spirit asked me if I am so excited, anxious and joyful about the second coming of Christ.

I realized like many others, I might speak so much about it and seem so excited but deep down I have some plans I want to execute before he comes. I feel even if He is coming soon, He should give me ample time to finish my planned stuff.

The Holy Spirit led me to the parable of the ten virgins. Matthew 25:1-,13. Five virgins were classified as wise and the other five foolish. The Holy Spirit made me understand that the virgins that were classified as foolish hadn’t truely fallen in love with the Lord.

They were not truly anxious and excited about the return of their love. They were prepared to wait a while till he comes but not too long. Amy, the lady described in the beginning was very excited. She just couldn’t describe how she felt. She had gotten everything in place. It had been so long and she couldn’t wait to be in His arms.

Like Amy let us truly fall in love with our Lord and saviour. Let us truly be overjoyed,excited, bubbly and ‘anxious’ about His return.

He loves you.

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