How available are you?

You feel a certain discomfort within your spirit and you know you ought to pray. Yet, you decide to do so in your own time, maybe after you finish watching that episode of that particular series.

You feel the need to stay away from food a couple of hours to fast but totally wipe out your memory concerning making a decision like that when you tummy rumbles loudly.

You feel a nudge to sow that seed with the last money in your purse or wallet but decide to sit down and rationalize how and where your next meal will come if you do so.

You know you need to talk to that lady or guy about Jesus but would prefer to put it off till after lectures or work.

Ask yourself? Am I truly available for Him. Am I realy carrying my cross ands following Him or I decide when to depending on how I feel like at that moment.

Today I put off writing till this late because I didn’t make myself available to the Holy Spirit. He isn’t one to push like men, so he nudged me every couple of hours. Finally I felt led to write this.

God isn’t looking for spirit filled, perfect people. God is looking for available and willing individuals. Who would stop everything just to obey his slight nudge in their spirit.

We always complain about how we want to be used by God yet we don’t allow Him to use us. We want to dictate to Him on when we are available to pray or fast or sow a seed or share the Word.

God wants an available soul. How available are you? I ask that He grants us grace to be AVAILABLE.

God bless You.

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