‘Stop the car!’ She screamed.
But for the fact that Jeff was a good driver, he knew her sudden reaction could have caused him to have an accident.
‘What in…’ He began
‘I said stop the car!’ He hissed dangerously.

Jeff quietly but silently moved the car to the side of the road and parked. They were just about a kilometre from the beach. At least that was what the sign they had just passed by said. He realized there we no houses around but a couple of storey building apartments could be spotted afar off.

He took in a deep breath, took his right hand off the steering wheel and slowly shifted his gaze off the road to her. He knew he needed to calm down before opening his mouth to speak to her. He inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly.
‘What is the matter now my dearest.’ He managed to say through clenched teeth.
He honestly didn’t think he could take anymore of this nonsense!
‘Lord!’ He cried out from within, ‘I am just plain tired. I am tired of trying so hard to get to her. To make her realize you are the answer to all her problems! She almost got us killed!’

She suddenly burst out into tears and opened the car door. She got down quickly from the vehicle and ran towards the beach.
Jeff sighed and punched the steering wheel hard. He wasn’t going to follow her this time round. Whenever she chose to come around and return to the vehicle he would be waiting.

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