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Report Card!!!

Whose report, do you believe?
We shall believe the report of the

Ron Kenoly

I remember when I was much younger and used to bring termly report cards home. My dad would call me and scrutinize how many low grades I had gotten instead of the excellent ones I was so proud of. (Aaargghh!)

Today as I sat, I thought on how good the Lord had and is still being to me. Giving me such a wonderful man in my life to date and hopefully eventually marry. I thanked God for his passion for Christ and love for souls. Then I remembered a story I had heard a while ago on a certain programme on the radio.

They were discussing how marriage could turn out so differently from what most people anticipated. There was this particular story that caught my attention and has never left my memory till now. It spoke of this spirit filled lady who had married an even more spirit filled gentleman. The two had began a blissful life together as a couple until the man began to backslide.
Within a few years, the woman attested that she never knew her husband, such a prayerful and spirit filled man, would end up the man she saw him to be lately. He drank, he smoked and blasphemed and cursed the same Word which used to bring so much joy to him.

I got scared and began doubting if my case would not end up like this lady’s own. That the man I plan to marry would change into a whole different being after marriage. I began to pray. The Holy Spirit dropped the words of the opening song into my heart and I just held my peace.

I honestly believe many of us go through the same thing.  We think more on other people’s experiences and pray out of fear instead of faith. We believe other people’s report cards more than the report card from God. In the opening paragraph, I spoke on the report card issue. Imagine if I brought two report cards home one day. One from my teacher and the other from my head teacher which showed even more excellent grades. Which would my father take?

Most of us would argue our point in relation to the fact that my father must take the report card from my teacher more seriously because she is the one who actually teaches me. You forget that the headmistress is higher in authority and might look like she isn’t teaching me but observes even more than my class teacher.

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

The above is our report card from the Lord. A GOOD REPORT CARD WITH NO FAILS!! Stop believing the report card of the broken marriage, or the report card of the dead baby or the report card of that deadly infirmity. Believe only on and in the report card of the Lord. Let not doubt or fear of someone’s case propel you to pray. Pray out of love and faith and keep believing on GOD’S REPORT CARD!

God bless you.

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