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Disappointing Right?…

The FLESH will take you to HELL and not even SHOW UP!’

Interesting isn’t it? For a while now I have noticed an image containing these words going around on a particular social media platform. A few have even used this particular image as their display picture but has anyone actually sat down to think on the words.

The very first thing we leave behind on earth once we die isn’t our money or our cars or even jewellery. The very first thing we leave behind is our body. The once jovial, fully spirited and hardworking being becomes just a cold cadaver after its spirit and soul vacate the vessel-the flesh. Nothing more.

It’s funny yet scary how the flesh probes, coaxes and even screams at us to fulfill its desires. The flesh wants to sleep instead of pray and we become more inclined to follow suit. The flesh wants to have sex with its partner when the two haven’t been joined as one before the Lord and we consent. The flesh wants this….THE FLESH ALWAYS WANTS SOMETHING!…Goodness! And when we continue to feed it, when we continue to nurture its desires and forget our spirit it decides to leave us hanging at the last minute!

It’s scary how’s some people want to live according to the dictates of their flesh and forget that after this short life, there is eternity. And eternity would have to be spent either in Heaven or in Hell.

People actually believe that children of God are just trying to scare them into believing God but truth be told, the only reason why those people are scared is because they are living according to the dictates of their flesh and they KNOW deep down within them that there is more to life than what is on the earth.

Romans 8:8
So then, those who are in the flesh cannot please God.

Stop pleasing your flesh, for if you end up in Hell it will just disappoint you!

God bless you.

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9 thoughts on “Disappointing Right?…

  1. Interesting indeed! Letting go of the flesh from personal experience is very difficult but let’s remember that grace is always available to lead us to become people who walk in the Spirit!
    God bless you Sherrie!


    1. True, True,True many of us fall victim of this but we should know that our bodies are the temple of God. We must not keep anything that will prevent God from worshipping in due to the things we do.
      God bless you all that read


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