She had been declared fit to go home and had been discharged. She had spent only three days in the hospital and she felt it did her some good. At least she hadnt tried committing suicide when she had been in the hospital and Jeff had always been by her side. Praying and telling her about this man named Jesus.
From Jeff, Jesus sounded interesting. Someone she would have liked to know. She had never heard of Him, even when she went to church. All she heard was the preacher screaming into the microphone and the rest was history.

As soon as she stepped into the mansion she felt a chill in her spine. She clang tighter unto Jeff. She didn’t want him to leave. She felt her life depended on Him. She yearned to return to the hospital even though the whole place reeked of medication and the smell put her off. She felt more safe there. She didn’t trust herself in her own father’s mansion.

Jeff felt her grip on him tighten as they entered the mansion too. All of a sudden he felt the urge to take her home with him. He felt that the mansion wasn’t conducive enough for her, at least not with all that was happening to her now.

He felt he was the only one who truly knew what had happened the night before she was found on the kitchen floor. He knew she had tried to stab herself. He had seen it when he went on his knees to pray. He didn’t know what had caused all this but he knew leaving her in this place alone spelt doom. He wanted to ask her mother if she could relocate to another place for a while but kept his mouth shut when he tried finding logic in what he wanted to tell her mother. Why would a normal mother allow her daughter whom she had just brought home from the hospital live far from home. He sighed and asked the Holy Spirit for direction.

Jeff led her to the couch in the hall so she could sit. She had began to shiver uncontrollably and she knew it was because of the deep fear she felt within her. She had heard the voice welcome her when she entered the mansion. She needed to tell someone about the voice. She knew she would look insane but…

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