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Petiole- The stalk of a leaf attaching the blade to the stem or branch

This morning I was given a task. Something I would honestly not have done on my own. I was asked to sweep the dried leaves under the plants in our house-technically just two plants had dried leaves around their roots.

And so I dragged my body out of the house, grabbed a broom and began gathering them but I noticed something unusual. Something I didn’t notice the last time I performed this same chore. I saw different kinds of leaves. Obviously I was supposed to be gathering and collecting dried, old wrinkled leaves which had fallen off the plants and were causing a nuisance on the grass beneath them.

There were three kinds of leaves I saw in the pile I had gathered. The first kind were the old wrinkled brown ones which obviously needed to fall off(lol). I also saw some that were now turning brown and old and still had some green left in them. Then I saw something that shocked me. A fresh leaf. Very soft and tender and green but its petiole which connected it to the branch was brown and weak.

I frowned. How could its petiole be brown? It wasn’t old and didn’t look old. So I examined the plant and went to look at the connection between each leaf and its branch. Their petioles were firm and healthy and didn’t look brown. I actually saw a dried brown leaf still firmly connected to its branch.

Then the Holy Spirit brought to mind this verse(actually it was paraphrased in my mind, so had to look it up);

John 15:5
I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.

So I tried reasoning out, Father this isn’t a branch it’s a leaf with a dried up petiole.

What connects you to the Lord. Every leaf I saw today represented an aspect of our lives, a particular stage. The dried old leaves represented us in our old age. These leave falling of the branch meant their time was ripe and they had to leave to enable other leaves grown and flourish.
However each leaf that fell off before it’s due time had its petiole destroyed or weakened.

What is  weakening your connection with your Father? Is it that nasty habit you don’t want to stop? Or those thoughts you don’t want to control? Whatever it is-it is weakening your petiole. And soon if you don’t take a hold of it, you will fall off the branch.

As children of God we give too many excuses and think God should be cool with it. We should know that all these are to our own detriment. Your petiole must stay strong and healthy and cling to the branch.

Stop weakening your petiole!

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18 thoughts on “PETIOLES!!

  1. Prisciii this is great! I’m so impressed. You’re really pouring some insights into how we as Christians really need to examine our lives. I pray more inspirations are coming your way dearie.


  2. This is great. God bless you so much. May you continue to be inspired by the Holy Spirit to draw our attentions to the realities of life.


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