The Masterpiece

To all art lovers as well as poetry….this is a two way thing

Deep Within

Art is colour,

We are not blind to colour,

So paint our love I beg.

Make the shades deeper,

We are green not naïve,

Blue but smiling,

Play with the colours I beg.

I see it in your eyes,

In the motions of the brush,

You’re stroking a masterpiece.

But NO you say,

The picture is bad,

The tone is wrong,

You don’t know why.

Trials become errors,

Days become weeks,

Emotions splash on our canvas,

And our color starts to fade.

This is you,

This is me,

This is our picture,

Look at what you’re doing to it I beg.


Photo from http://www.lucri.deviantart.com

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