She gradually opened her eyes to see a lot of light. Too bright-she thought to herself and quickly shut her eyes. She began to hear voices, they seemed to be trying to whisper. She tried to make out whose voices they were. She made out Jeff’s voice and her mum’s. She couldn’t make out who the last person was.

She sighed, alerting them that she had woken up. She didn’t want to open her eyes. She was scared of where she was. It didn’t feel like home. It didn’t feel like her room. This place felt so cold and smelt so clean.
Her mum run to her side and sat beside her on the bed. She pulled her daughter close, hugged her and cried out ‘o my baby!’
She heard Jeff tell the other person whose voice she couldn’t identify to please excuse them.

She opened her eyes just as Jeff sat down and pulled the chair close to her bed. She was in a hospital and had a drip connected to her. She realized she had been assigned a private room as her ward because she couldn’t see any other beds.
‘What happened mum? She asked in a croaky voice.
Her mum burst out into tears and placed her face in her open palms. She looked at Jeff, as if to ask whether her question had caused such a reaction from her mother.
Jeff sighed and stretch out his hand to pat her mum’s back in order to console her.
‘You were rushed here yesterday morning after your mum found you on the floor in the kitchen totally blacked out’ He said.

She now understood why everything looked so foggy in her mind’s eye. The last she remembered was a scream and nothing else. She felt her hands shake. Her eyes began to pool. Jeff quickly got up from his seat and moved to sit at the other side of the bed opposite where her mum sat.
Her mum took her left hand and clasped it in her palms. She had calmed down now but her eyes still looked glazed over with tears.
Jeff took her right hand and she felt a wave of such peace over her body. She had never felt this much peace.
He looked into her eyes and said
‘Everything is going to be all right dear. Every single thing.’
He smiled at her and she smiled back. A genuine smile, she hadn’t smiled genuinely in a while.

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