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A Conversation with Who?..

Me: Hello Father (Dear Father)

Him: Hello my Child. It’s been…

Me: I have come again and I just need you to work on some requests for me. I know the other time I actually came to you with a sincere prayer was when mum was out of money and I needed to go to school so bad. I came here, knelt right in this spot and prayed.

Him: (Silence)

Me: Ok, so I thank you for the things you have done for me. I heard they are a lot but honestly I only see your need when something comes up. See, I believe I can make it to Heaven cos I accepted you as my Lord and personal Saviour that night a couple of years back when that preacher asked us to come.

Him: I know but…

Me: I just need you to help me pass this particular exam cos I really really really need to. I know I cheated at one point but I heard your grace is sufficient so please let it be sufficient enough now and let me pass.

Him: My Grace…

Me: Ok, so next on the bill is this really cool guy I really like and I just want to tell you I am totally going to accept him when he asks me out. I met him in church and he prays so well and sings so well. Thanks for giving Him to me.

Him: My Child you…

Me: And o!…lest I forget! I commit my friend into your hands. I know he smokes, drinks and steals but he is soo cool. I just want you to let him out of the jail cell this time, I promise to speak to him about ….well…about being good.

Him: Honey, you need to…

Me: Hmm…I think the rest are sorted out but you know I really came to ask that you make me pass my exam. Pretty please.
Thanks for everything Lord. AMEN!

Him: You never listened to me my daughter!

How do you see prayer? And how do you pray? Do you rush through a prayer like I did in the above and not allow the Holy Spirit to speak back to you? Or worse, do you ALWAYS speak in the language of the spirit and not in ANY WORDS at all?
Granted there are many forms of prayer but does that mean we ought to push God out of the deal and come ranting and complaining about everything in our lives without giving Him a moment to speak to our hearts and spirit?

We keep saying God desires to fellowship with us. Do we truly comprehend His need for us to fellowship with Him?


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3 thoughts on “A Conversation with Who?..

  1. I believe we as humans think God is can’t speak, and therefore when we go to him we talk to him anyhow.
    But lets ask ourselves that when we go to our human fathers for something, how do we talk to them.
    I will wash your car for one month, i love you daddy, you are the best dad in the world………….. ……….and many more


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