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Blank out!

Ok…so I am holding my phone to my face. I am blank out, I think.
I had began writing an interesting piece, decided to take a nap and calm my nerves and now my brain doesn’t seem to have its usual vibe.
Sometimes in life we just blank out. Not black out, please note, blank out. We loose interest in everything and everyone. Nothing seems to jab our senses to life. Everything feels dull and looks dull.
Don’t ask what inspired me to write this cos I honestly DUNNO!..

So back to you, What do you do when you blank out? I have heard of people who quit their jobs because they blank out. Others believe it’s their time to begin the long unending experiment on how the human body can fly without wings by jumping off rooftops. Some resort to drinking. A portion resort to trying out their hands on stuff they never thought sensible till they blanked out.

The book of Ecclesiastes 3:1-8  talks about there being a time for everything but I still haven’t seen any part in it where it talks about the time to blank out.
Did any of the guys of old in the Bible ever blank out?…well apart from Saul, who was actually being tormented by an evil spirit, I really can’t remember any.

Whatever the case, I advice you not to enjoy those moments when you blank out. I personally believe it’s a state of an idle brain. Jab that desire back to life. Restart that passion! Shake of the dullness!
Life isn’t a blank out so why BLANK OUT!

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