What My Country Really Needs

United we stand,
Divided we fall

What Ghana needs isn’t a group of citizens turned critics. What Ghana needs isn’t another loan to try making a better economy when in actual sense there are still so many unpaid loans calling out to be paid off.
What Ghana needs isn’t a group of lazy youth who graduate from universities and don’t want to put their intellectual hands to the dirt or maximize the use of their dying brains. What Ghana needs isn’t a group of greedy selfish citizens acting as the authority at the top who want all the money for infrastructural development to go into their pockets and those of their girlfriends and a little bit to their families. What Ghana needs isn’t a group of selfish, heartless and unkind footballers who do not understand the true meaning of patriotism but pay lip service to the said word.
Ghana needs a change of heart. And a change of mind also. Ghana needs you to stop talking against how badly the government is doing and in your own little way contribute to the betterment of the nation as a whole. Pay your taxes and stop giving excuses. Stop sleeping at work and going late. Ghana isn’t for the political party leading it, neither is it for the President. Ghana is yours and till you realize that you have a part to play in making it better, I promise you Ghana would never get any better.
Just take a moment to think about this. If half of us did our parts and performed our roles to the best level..would Ghana be in such misery? Stop trying to remove the speck from another’s eye when the log in both your eyes remain unmoved.
Think Ghana
Think You

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