Jeff woke up with a start. Heart pounding and sweating profusely, he wandered what could have caused this reaction from his body. He reasoned with himself and couldn’t recall having a bad dream. And the room temperature hadn’t changed either. He had ensured that the air conditioner was blowing at a temperature of 18°C before falling asleep. He grumbled. What was it again?! He felt that same nudge in his spirit when he had to pray for her urgently. He knew it would be useless to try sleeping again. He got out off bed stretched, and lazy walked towards the bathroom to wash his face and rinse his mouth.

She was tired of sitting up in bed besides sleep felt afar off to her. She threw the blanket off, placed her feet into her comfortable slippers and headed out of the room. She had in mind to go to the kitchen for some juice. It was past 1 am and none of her friends would be up by now to chat with. She walked into the kitchen leisurely and was heading for the double door fridge to take her juice when she saw it. It lay on the kitchen counter. The light from outside the window beside the counter reflected on its blade. It looked sharp enough. Then she heard the voice whisper.. ‘Jeff isn’t around, no one is…just end it all’ She tried pushing the voice out of her head but couldn’t take her eyes off the counter which wasn’t too far from her. She stood transfixed and as if in a trance and began heading towards the knife. This time her mind didn’t want to die but her body seemed to have taken up a mind of its own. She tried stopping but her body still moved closer and closer to the knife. Finally it stood right before the counter which had the knife placed on it. Her body stretched out her right hand to pick up the knife. The left hand moved slowly to join the right and both hands clasped together as a big fist turned the knife towards her stomach. She was hysterical and screaming but all this was only in her mind for she seemed to have lost control of her body… the hands tightened their grip on the knife. That’s when she screamed. Her scream seemed to join her mind to her body as one because her hands quickly threw the knife to the far end of the counter opposite her and close to the coffee maker.
What was happening to her?, she asked herself…

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