I Wouldn’t Go For A Music Programme!!!

I’m tired of hearing people say, “the presence of God is here.” and I don’t feel anything. I’m tired of pretending in church.

The above is a quote from a popular Ghanaian gospel artiste named Sonnie Badu in his live recording of a worship song. After listening to the song, I asked myself- what motivates me or those around me to go for Music programmes. I vaguely remember attending a couple of such programmes but later realized my motivation for doing this wasn’t right. The Bible says in John 4:23-24 that God is Spirit and His worshippers ought to worship Him in spirit and truth. I must state emphatically here that, I am not talking about just any type of music programme but a music programme whose focus is JESUS. Where God’s word is fed to souls through skilled and inspiring music.

Let me pause here and ask you, yes you-reading this article, Are you a true worshipper?
When you do appear at a music programme who do you worship? Are you mesmerized by the choir and their attire or do you stand in awe of the instrumentalists? Or maybe the decor leaves you wanting to sit and stare. Does the quality of music score high on your rating scale-how well are the microphones working, how strong are the flips being made by the choir and how melodious are the harmonies?

Personally I lost focus on what I wanted from a music programme a few years back. I had began to learn to play an instrument and to ensure that I learnt right I had to listen intently to that particular instrument and how it sounded in almost all the songs I listened to. This unfortunately and unknowingly killed the true worshipper in me.
I believe this applies to most instrumentalist who attend music programmes. Unconsciously they are listening to how well an instrument is being played and how many mistakes are being made and forget the true purpose of the programme- to worship.

This same problem isn’t too different from what occurs in choirs. Having been in a choir for about two years, I began paying closer attention to vocal sounds and chords rather than worship. I did all this in the name of learning my part and learning it well.
A number of talented minstrels face this problem of trying so hard to get the note right and tight, they end up forgetting about the lyrics as well as it’s meaning . These ones also end up going for Music programmes in order to find out who their competition is and if songs are being done ‘on point’.

Again, I worked as a sound engineer in a church and this sparked a keen interest in me concerning sound wherever I went. I began to concentrate more on the sound at a music programme rather than to receive from my Maker in Heaven.
Most sound engineers find it difficult to sit still when the sound goes wrong. And even when it does turn out right, there are still many comments they make keeping them in conversation till they leave the venue. Again the true purpose of worship has been lost here due to the quality of sound.

What makes this the case? I ask myself.

I totally agree with the Psalmist-David who played skillfully and urged us to do same. May we not forget the words of the wisest man who ever lived, King Solomon, in Ecclesiastes 9:10(HCSB) where he says “Whatever your hands find to do, do with all your strength, because there is no work, planning, knowledge, or wisdom in Sheol where you are going.
Paul also said in Romans 12:11 “Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.”
Also in Colossians 3:23 “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters,

I agree with you all my Fathers in the ministry. However  permit me to ask, does working for the Lord imply not worshipping in spirit and in truth?
Does doing everything your hand finds doing, suggest not giving reverence to the Father in worship?

Colossians 3:17 says And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

Whatever is simply WHATEVER! And so in worshipping, in serving the church, whatever it is, once it can be done for Jesus it must be done well.

So, how do we serve and worship at the same time?
I believe it starts with us giving ourselves first, then our attitudes and then our possessions.
Don’t let skill, talent or service cloud your judgment and prevent you from being a worshipper.


Written by Daniel Ahmed Alhassan
Edited by Priscilla Sherrie

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60 thoughts on “I Wouldn’t Go For A Music Programme!!!

  1. love this piece; soooo on point. It leaves me wondering is Christ the focus of our lives and all that we do or we are??? And do we seek to bring people to the recognition of the glory, power, beauty and grace of father or to ours??? Hahaha. This ain’t no laughing matter cos we know where we stand before the judgement seat and the covetousness ain’t making us look beautiful at all!!!


  2. awww, we often focus on the wrong things indeed, thanks priscilla…..u r a blessing…..may God get all the glory He deserves. glory to God!


  3. Woow that is a great one there.Thank you guys.Anytime that i here that particular music of Sonnie Badu, I wonder in thought but finally I thank God that Sonnie became tired of the church politics about the presence of God.That man is anointed, I tell you. If you ask me, I will tell you that I believe the presence of God is not in goose bumps although I have it almost all the time when I am worshiping God.
    This is what i believe, Anytime and anywhere, that I am in worship, I believe that the presence of God is right there with me because the word of God has said ” and lo,I am with you alway”. Hallelujah!!! That is my evidence of the presence of God with me.The Bible said it, I believe it,it is true and that settles it.
    I drum at church and in my beginning I wondered how I would be able to fully harness all the noisy parts of the drum to make music to the Lord and help others to worship and not disrupt their worship with some rolls that are ear catchy, But I can tell you that the Holy spirit has helped me do just that. I will admonish all instrumentalist that they should not draw attention to themselves by what they play on their instruments because, God will not share his praise or worship with no man.
    You may ask how do I also worship when I am drumming ?Let me start answering you by saying that apart from leaving a lifestyle of worship, WORSHIP activity is not suppose to be done in the church ONLY,or maybe at a worship program only. Your heart should actually crave and long for worship always.
    I tell you If you don’t know how to worship when you are alone in your closet alone where there is no disruption, then at church where there are a lot of people and movements, and noise,You will certainly be disrupted in worship and You will stand there looking at people and be missing the awesome presence of God in worship whiles another person standing right to you is experiencing it. God cannot worship himself and that is why he created you and I and the angels to worship him. Gods heart is so blessed to have to worship him and he longs for you to tell him whom he is to you.I tell the angles cry out Holy ,Holy,Holy is the Lord God all mighty Who was and who is and who is to come but they are amazed when you don’t see God but you worship him with such a passion.Brother If you cannot worship all by yourself in your closet, Heaven might not be very comfortable to you because that is what we are going to be doing almost all the time.
    Get some worship tapes,and selected songs of worship and when you are locked up in your room,lift up Holy hands to God (by the way if your hands are not holy,do not lift them.ask for forgiveness) and just begin to experience God in worship.
    If you do that always, You would have learnt how to worship God.So that when we all meet at a worship program or church and we lift up Holy hands to God ,Ooooooooooo nobody would need to tell you that the presence of God is right there,then you would have not been disrupted by your Surrounding.


  4. nyc piece pricy.i won’t fgt d day i felt d presence of God during a choreography n started wz a joyous moment.No song ministration touched me as d choreography did but i figured one takes only a self surrendered and a Christ centered ministrations to tk us to HIS presence.I pray ministers wl resist d devil wn he points us to ourselves
    GBU mama


  5. Great piece. God bless y’all Sherrie and Daniel for this. #Wordpaa
    I’m lost in thoughts wondering if my worship for all these years have been true worship because should the bassist make a flop, I become down and there and then loose focus and sight of Jesus, the reason for which the songs we sing and the instruments we play were made.
    God grant us grace to loose sight of ourselves and let our every focus and energy be directed to You the King of Glory. Amen




  7. Just on point. We have lost focus which is Jesus. A lot of people now go for programs to mark also because the instrumentalist and singers hosting or having the program also become too technical with their songs that it loses its power and Gods presence is not felt. They perform and not minister. So its a two way thing here. God forgive us all.


  8. Wow. Thats very true. This thing has been occuring to me for sometime now. From school to home i find myself tight with the work to the extent that i dont even get the time to fellowship. After every service, i ask myself what have i gained and then to my dismay i get no answer. God bless you for allowing yourself to be used by the Holy Spirit. And with the music part, its very true. Lord help us and open our eyes into all truth. Thank you. God bless you.


  9. Thank u sir for reminding me of being a true worshipper. I just found out that i’ve also been focusing on the wrong things than our Master. I repent today


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