‘You don’t need to do this you know. You don’t need to hurt yourself. It won’t change anything…please.’ He calmly said as he took two more steps towards her, getting close enough to see just above her head and try to hold her arm.
She jerked her arm away before he could touch it and said,
‘Who said I want to hurt myself! I want to just die! It will change a lot for me! I can’t do this anymore!’ She cried out and lowered her head. She couldn’t stop the tears from pouring out, she couldn’t stop herself from trembling.
He drew her closer into his arms, embracing her and gently pushing her head unto his chest’
Quietly he began to hum a song but paused after she stopped trembling. She had to sit. He guided her to the sofa and gently pulled her into the seat after him. He still let her head lay on his chest and wrapped his right arm around her while his left patted her hair.
He had been watching her. Ever since he laid eyes on her first in the office. She had walked in to drop her letter for an internship position in the company but had missed the reception desk and had ended up in his department. Her eyes gave away the fact that she was lost yet her demeanor could deceive anyone around that she actually knew where she was headed for. He had felt a gentle nudge in his spirit and within him that this young vibrant lady who stood metres away from him needed all the help she could get for she was falling apart slowly.  He tried pushing the feeling away yet it kept coming back again and again even after she left his department.

She sniffed, she had stopped crying yet her eyes were still pooled. She knew he wanted to help but she didn’t want him. She knew she had just given herself away by crying on his chest but it felt so relieving. She knew she didn’t want this lasting for long. She was strong and needed to be. He might have caught her and taken the pills but there were so many other ways to die. She just had to stay clear of him in order not to be caught again.
She pushed him away, got up to her feet and looking straight ahead as if talking to herself she said,
‘You can find your way out of the house when you feel like it.’
With that she turned left and walked towards the stairs leading to the first floor of the mansion her father had built.
He was taken aback. He never thought she would do that after crying so helplessly on his chest. He groaned within and asked the Holy Spirit what kind of human this young lady was. He didn’t think he could take anymore of her stubbornness, there were many more souls out there to be saved. He had said it himself in His word that the fields were ready for the harvest but the labourers were few. He heaved a sigh, looked down at his shoes and got up. He turned his head in the direction of the staircase. She had already gotten to the top. Sighing again he let himself out of the main house and headed towards the gate.


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