She turned her head sharply in the direction of the voice. He stood there, looking disappointed.
She shifted her gaze and looked down into her lap.
How did he know? And how had he gotten hold of those pills. She hadn’t spoken a word of this to anyone. She believed she hadn’t even given as much as a hint on even taking her life. She remained the bubbly, excited girl even though inside she had fallen apart.
She knew she needed help. She had tried everything including going to church yet she felt worse. Why didn’t Jeff just let her be. He always seemed to be in the way. He seemed to see right through her. When things began taking a different turn in her life and she fought to remain strong it was he who noticed things weren’t right.

She didn’t need him. She didn’t need anybody to be a shoulder to cry on. She needed only herself.
‘Where did you get those from?!’ She snapped. Anger and frustration building up within her.
‘You need to leave me alone! I don’t need you! I don’t need anybody!’ She hadn’t noticed the hot tears that had began rolling down her cheeks.
Jeff began to walk towards her…she shook her head vigorously and turned as if to run toward the entrance to the hall.
But she turned back to face him. He had taken a few steps forward and was almost within her reach.
She wished she could just ….


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