'Hmm... My sister this encounter that I had really made me realise a lot of things. Especially after the man of God prayed and said those things about my family. We really do not wrestle against flesh and blood o.' Effe lamented to her colleague, Sedem, on the phone. Ever since COVID began, their company …

Let Him Stick 💋

Immediately I shouted, 'Eeeeiii.' (a sound Ghanaians use in different tones to communicate fear, surprise and joy). In my case, it was a mix of surprise and fear

Strongholds – Episode 11

The soft lavender fragrance in the room made her want to take a warm shower, get in bed and cuddle. 'Do you like it?' he whispered seductively into her left ear.

Strongholds – Episode 10

After lunch she had spent almost all her time trying to find an excuse to give to AB but no good one came to mind.

Strongholds – Episode 9

Her first option wasn't anyone in the church because she felt they won't understand her or her need for love. Besides, she hadn't attended service in over six months.

Strongholds – Episode 8

Julie quickly dismissed the thought and placed her used plates into the sink. She made a mental note to clean them when she returned from work later in the evening.

Strongholds – Episode 7

Julie sat up in bed as if she had been jolted by someone. She looked around trying remember if she had fallen asleep in her bed or not. 'Mr Adu' she gasped.

Strongholds – Episode 6

Are you ok? Why did you run out?' Julie stopped pacing and stared at the phone. She didn't know how to reply. She didn't even know if she wanted to reply. Julie remembered the many failed 90 day relationships in the past few year.

Strongholds – Episode 5

Julie had watched him go. Her mind blank. She had refused to think or try to process what had just happened. She just continued to chew.

Strongholds – Episode 4

His touch. It made her body ache for more yet she kept her composure and dropped the frown. 'Please.' He pleaded.

Letters from this heart

Deep letters and stories, written from many hearts, that need to be heard.

Inspired Words

Expressing Hope In Love

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